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The game

32 Card Bridge is the english version of the 'Belote Bridgée' (named after the supposed author Belot) which is the most popular card game played in France. The game is highly appealing because it requires many skills such as reasoning, memory, and planning. Besides, an exciting element of luck is provided by the random distribution of cards to each player as well as the ensueing card combinations.

The program

32 Card Bridge for Windows provides an easy-to-use interface featuring a lot of useful functions. One of the most spectacular aspect of this software is the verbose analysis it can generate about any particular situation.This is due to the 300 Kb artificial intelligence -hardly ever seen in a computerised card game- and can be used either to receive a detailed hint or to understand why the computer made a particular bid or played a particular card.

32 Card Bridge for Windows is highly attractive for any card games lover. It's definitely a challenge for veteran bridge players looking for a diversion; you'll have to discard a few habits as well as learn a few new ones to master this version of the game. It's also perfect for beginners who may have been put off by the complexity of full-blown bridge games.


'The best card game available for PC', french users said.

32 Card Bridge is not available anymore. Please download Belote Bridgee which is the same game in french with more functionalities.

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