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Bomb Golf

Hockey Pong

Crazy Eights Expert

32 Card Bridge

1st Tarot

Belote Expert

Belote Bridgée

Huit Américain

We are developing games with high quality gameplay (or at least we are trying ;-) and make it easily available to you. All our softwares are trials that can be turned as full version by just entering an authorization code. Each game has its own page with description and screen shots, and is available as free download.

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If you never risked your life when playing miniature golf games, then it's time to have a thrilling course through the 45 holes ofBomb Golf


Think you're the best at bat & ball games ? Just tryHockey Pong

...and be ready to get a sound trashing !


Like fast paced card games with sounds, music and animation ? Based on the famous game of Crazy Eights (also known as Uno),

Crazy Eights Expert

   is for you ...


Tired of choosing between Hearts and Spades games ? Come have a taste of the best shareware card game for PC: 

32 Card Bridge

an exciting partnership card game for 4 players with biddings, trumps, card combinations...and brains !!!


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